As a member of the FGBMFI, I choose to submit myself to the following Code of Conduct:

I will conduct my personal life, and my business and professional affairs in a Christian manner – that is above reproach, and that reflects well on and brings credit to my faith. That will apply to my interactions and my speech.


I will pursue excellence and reliability, professionally and personally – so that Jesus Christ is honourably reflected, and every task to which I am committed is seen to be of benefit to all.


I will fulfill Jesus’ mandate of servanthood to my family, my church, my employer/business/profession, my community, and to any trade/business/professional body or group to which I belong.


I will not make on behalf of the fellowship in any form or on any media, any unauthorised public statements that is said to reflect its official policy posture.


In my public utterances, I will be circumspect, so as not to bring disrepute to my fellowship or my faith.


I will always speak the truth… in love, in candour, with humility and with the politeness befitting a servant of Jesus Christ.


I will submit to the appropriate and relevant authority… spiritually, in business and in government. Where possible, I will favour quiet counsel rather than public confrontation.


I will refrain from misconduct in all of my relationships, and maintain a lifestyle that is behaviorally consistent with the scriptures in all regards.


I will hold myself accountable to and honour with personal integrity, all of my business/professional/personal obligations to my church, vendors, customers/clients, neighbours and community.