Innovative Ecommerce Technology Coaching for Professionals
Group or private technology coaching for professional who want to turn their wealth of knowledge and expertise into 5 or more streams of income and have a system that keeps paying you, even if you’re technology challenged and even while you’re sleeping or on vacation. These include:
Private or group Coaching Webinars
Public Workshops

Innovative Ecommerce Business Systems Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Group or private Ecommerce (Internet) Business coaching for small business entrepreneur are you searching for specific coaching to grow your small business into a profitable enterprise that works and grows without you. This includes:

Efficient Productivity Office Systems
Using technology to help CEO or business manager who feel stifled or limited by the slow, outdated procedures and paperwork of your present office and replace it to get 2 – 10 times more work done in half the time and allow you and most of your staff to work from anywhere in the world.

Purpose into Profits Innovative Youth Leadership Training
Training youth leader or teacher to prepare your youths for the future world of work. This includes being equipped to:
Attract more youths who want to learn from you.
Learning to influence more youths to produce innovative and valuable solutions even faster than before.

Basic Website Design
A basic website, online store or online sales funnel for professionals or small business owners, with up to 10 pages, to display and advertise your products or services on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn?

Highly Profitable Ecommerce Enterprise Website with Internet Marketing System:
A profitable way to market your professional services or business products online, without having to look for customers or struggle to get paid from anyone, located anywhere in the world.
This highly Profitable Ecommerce Enterprise Website will include:
Marketing your products and services for you,
Attracting strangers to your products or services,
Converting those visitors into prospects,
Closing the sales with those prospects into new customers and
Delighting those customers to become your promoters.
Training for you and your staff with complete manual for all areas of your operations


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 10AM 4PM and 6PM – 9PM

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